30.4.2009 John Rooney,

".. Different musical styles come together in a modern worldbeat symphony-G8 is truly an international group of superpower musicians."

12.12.2007 Beth Potter, The Prague Post

".. the most recent concert was well-attended by a diverse group of fans, from rasta dreads to young couples to older couples."

27.7.2006 Film School Uh. Hradiště review brochure:

".. in the end, G8 forced me into a state of ecstacy with their emotional NYC eclectic sound and gospel vocals. I’m already trembling with anticipation for their next concert!"

6.7.2006 James Scanlon, The Prague Post:

".. the G8 debut CD is so far out, that it will shock the entire Czech music scene."

21.6.2006 Ales Borovan, Hospodarske noviny:

".. a welcome rescucitation of the Czech music scene"

"G8 offers us a trip arend the Word, with thein debut CD. Along with serious rhythms, each and every song is full of sweet femal vocals, varied musical arrangements and super instrumental solos from virtually all musicians."

22.5.2006 Karel Soucek, MF Dnes:

7.2.2006 Director of sales, SONY BMG Music Entertainment, Martin Moravec:

"The CD left me with an impression of superbly high musicanship, both varied and light."

15.5.2006 Magazine ZOOM:

"You’ll get the parody of the group’s name with the first song. The rhythm grooves in straight shot format aimed at the falsehoods of the eight super powers…

Our tip: Hot Sex Love – mix your partner a mojito and give yourself up to the beat."

26.4.2006 From NOVINKY.CZ, the leading internet portal:

"The whole album really plays well…with an eclectic style of Afro, American and Blues and occasional jazz rhythms…the band members really know how to play."

28.4.2006 From MUZIKUS.CZ, the top music portal in the Czech Republic:

"In G8’s debut album, there is a mixture of good musical talent combined with the multiple world experiences of its members, which accounts for the effect of multiple musical styles. The number Hot Sex Love is funky, while Try and I Cry is decidedly Arabic... The album shows off the musicians at their full potential, from instrumental solos to the varied voices of its members. As a result, no two songs are alike. And the album itself? It churns along in its own tempo without even bothering to stop to see if anyone is in its way."

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